My First Day of College

So my first day of College was pretty chill, I found out that my good friend Grace has classes Tuesdays and Thursdays also but her classes end at 12 and mine start at 3 so we decided to meet up today. We just went to the C building -Mind you our buildings only have one letter- and got coffee. (Which was AMAZING) I saw a few people from my High School but no big deal, they thought they were cool cause of their social status in High School, honestly, no one gives a fuck so no one paid attention to them.

After Grace left at 2 I went to the D building and did a bit of my SOC homework online, then I went to the A building where my math class was.

It took me for fucking ever to find that damn class cause building G and L are connected and I would go to far and go up the stairs and end up in the L building and then I went up another pair of stairs and ended up in the fucking G building, so you would say I got a lot of exercise.

Once I finally found the class everyone was staring at me. (I was on time, they were early) So I sat in the back which was a bad fucking choice because I forgot my glasses and I couldn’t see shit.

That was basically it, nothing major, I just hope that I will make friends soon cause it was so quiet in that class.

Story of my life.