Having a Job and Going to School.

It’s already stressful enough when you’re in college and you have your classes separated onto different days of the week, what’s worse is having a job on top of that. You have a tuition to pay dammit, you need money.

1. Try to find an on-campus job:

Finding an on-campus job is amazing because they’re willing to work around your schedule; you (typically) have the choice to have to money go straight to your tuition so it will be paid little by little, or you can get the money by check and split it in half: 50% tuition and 50% expenses or to buy yourself something nice.

(Oh my fucking god the clothes these people wear, it’s like they’re going to a fucking nightclub. [if you can’t tell I’m in one of the buildings at school writing this])

2. Find a job off-campus and see if they’re willing to work around your schedule:

Most stores are willing to work around schedules because the kids in the summer who were in High School are going back so they’re willing to take most people in for morning/afternoon hours. If not just try to pick 2-3 solid days where you don’t have school and ask for those, they’re most likely going to hire you especially if they definitely need workers. If not, then resort to number 3.

3. If all fails do what you do best.

Yes, we’ve all done it, it’s one of those things that we’ve been doing for years and we probably won’t stop…. and by that I mean babysitting dammit, what were you thinking? 

I’m pretty sure everyone has babysat once, it’s easy and you can get maybe 20-40 bucks out of it. Hey, every penny counts.


My Orientation Day

When you go to College you have to face the dreaded Orientation Day which can either go good or bad. Here’s my story: (keep in mind not all orientations are going to end up like this)

It was raining that day so we got stuck inside, when I first walked inside the T-building there was a guy that took my name down and he was supposed to find my file, but my name wasn’t on any of the files so they just told me to go sit down in one of the rooms that the other future students were in. There were a few that were already in that College before but according to my school even if you were part time there if you switched to full time you would have to go through orientation. (what a pain in the ass, huh?) Anyways, they got a few helpers to fill out new folders for the people that didn’t and then as I was waiting I was talking to this guy (we never exchanged names) and we were talking about our majors and he was pretty cool.

Once I got my folder we all separated into 2 computer rooms and the guy I was talking to was the last person to go in the first room so I went into the second room, which really upset me because I’m not very social and that was the first time I really stepped out of my comfort zone to talk to someone. But I’m rambling, let’s get to the worst part.

We sat there for 2 whole hours trying to work our school accounts online and then we did the dreaded class picking, luckily, my Aunt Traci goes to the same school as me right now and she told me to take the same Chemistry class as her (there were 4 spots left) so I was going though the site picking classes and then I picked 2 online classes which isn’t really a big deal if they’re the easiest classes in the world. When I raised my hand to get my classes approved from an adviser she looked at the classes and said, “Only pick one online class, I’ll come back when you’ve made your choice.” so when it comes to classes I stand my ground because I’m not going to let some adviser tell me what classes to choose (they want you to fill the classes on campus or else the professors who don’t have enough people will not have a job for a semester) so I was asking another adviser if there are any COM 101 classes online and she lied to me and said no, so then I texted my aunt and she gave me the class ID so I typed it in and of course the adviser was lying, little bitch. So the first adviser came back and looked at me bewildered and asked, “Well then, how did we get from 2 classes to 3?” I looked at her in the eye and said, “These are the classes I’m choosing.” so I was starting to get all shitty but no fucks were given, finally after 2 hours of sitting there, there was a girl who were the advisers helpers and she asked why I was still there and I told her what happened and she smiled, “Well why didn’t you tell me before?” and she pulled a third adviser from another room and she signed it for me FINALLY. After 4 hours, I was free.

I actually later found out the adviser who signed my classes off is my personal adviser for school. She’s pretty bad ass, too. I go out and have coffee with her sometimes and she always talks about the adviser who was being bitchy to me (she’s apparently the bitchiest one and students try to switch advisers)

Now If you’re going to a University you might spend the night there and take a tour but my schools buildings just have letters by them.

Sorry for the rambling, but I had to let that out.

Share your orientation experience in the comments.

How to Pick Your Classes for College

When it comes to Gen-eds they’re inevitable and you might as well get most of them out of the way Freshman year; but when it comes to having that freedom of choosing classes keep these things in mind. 

  1. Keep the classes within your major:You’re not going to want to have an English Major and then take all Science classes unless they’re for your gen-eds. Talk to your adviser about what appropriate classes to take for your major, unless you’re taking an elective then take one that sparks your interest, try out new things, just don’t take all the wrong classes.
  2. Keep in mind about the time of the class:There are classes that start in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening; if you’re not a morning person then don’t take morning classes (unless in the morning is all the class offers) if you have to work in the afternoon then don’t take afternoon classes unless your boss gives you the green light to. Keep in mind that this isn’t High School anymore, you can take whatever classes you want and it won’t be every single day it will probably be Tuesdays and Thursdays for Math(like me) but that’s the luxury of College.
  3. Keep in mind on choosing professors:If you have an orientation where they make you choose your classes be sure to look the professors up on this site because you don’t want to have a teacher that is really hard on people and gives bad grades, yes, you do want to have nice professors but remember they’ve been teaching for probably 10+ years and they’ve had enough of your shit, maybe they have PowerPoints from 1998 and they don’t feel like updating everything. If they’re the only Professor for the class you need to graduate you have to suck it up and go through there like a warrior. For the most part, though, try to avoid those kind of teachers.
  4. To the people that take a couple online classes:You need to make sure that you’re able to take on that responsibility because you have to check to see if you have homework and that’s on you if you fail. Make sure you have enough time to do the work also, if you have a full time job then you need to make time for studying and doing homework. I took an online class for college this year just to get the feel of an online class and homework wasn’t due until a week to 10 days after it was assigned but I checked every day just to see if my professor posted anything.

So that is my little guide on how to pick classes, have a great year! And remember to do your homework, dammit.