Having a Job and Going to School.

It’s already stressful enough when you’re in college and you have your classes separated onto different days of the week, what’s worse is having a job on top of that. You have a tuition to pay dammit, you need money.

1. Try to find an on-campus job:

Finding an on-campus job is amazing because they’re willing to work around your schedule; you (typically) have the choice to have to money go straight to your tuition so it will be paid little by little, or you can get the money by check and split it in half: 50% tuition and 50% expenses or to buy yourself something nice.

(Oh my fucking god the clothes these people wear, it’s like they’re going to a fucking nightclub. [if you can’t tell I’m in one of the buildings at school writing this])

2. Find a job off-campus and see if they’re willing to work around your schedule:

Most stores are willing to work around schedules because the kids in the summer who were in High School are going back so they’re willing to take most people in for morning/afternoon hours. If not just try to pick 2-3 solid days where you don’t have school and ask for those, they’re most likely going to hire you especially if they definitely need workers. If not, then resort to number 3.

3. If all fails do what you do best.

Yes, we’ve all done it, it’s one of those things that we’ve been doing for years and we probably won’t stop…. and by that I mean babysitting dammit, what were you thinking? 

I’m pretty sure everyone has babysat once, it’s easy and you can get maybe 20-40 bucks out of it. Hey, every penny counts.