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THE TRAILER HAS DROPPED: BBC One’s New Trailer – ‘Sherlock’, ‘Musketeers’, & More

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Rejoice, fans of BBC!

Even though they’ve been mostly secretive about what footage/promo material they release, BBC released a promo trailer for their whole line-up of upcoming shows—with shows like Sherlock, Musketeers and etc included:

Previously, all most of us had seen a 30-second trailer of Sherlock, even as dedicated Sherlock fans eagerly awaited season 3. Although, it makes a little sense. According to a tweet from writer Mark Gattis, filming for Sherlock’s third season just recently wrapped up and the first new episode is expected to debut this fall.

Either way, Sherlock definitely has some explaining to do if he wants to get back in John’s good graces after that fake death stunt.

Here’s the tweet in question from writer Mark Gattis:

However, as…

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. I’ve been trying to be all formal and I looked back at my posts and they’re pretty fucking boring. So here’s what I’m going to do to help you all be not so bored that you want to shove a pencil in your eye slowly (like me in biology):

1. I’m going to do a College Commentary Thursday: Since I have to wait around school for 4 to 5 hours (I still don’t have a car so I have to wait for my friend) I’m going to be ‘people watching’ for my writing and because there’s nothing else to do. I’ll do a commentary on the people around me because there are a ton of people who are just grade a douche bags. 

2. I’ll still do tips and stuff for college (possibly high school, if requested) but I’m not going to be as semi-formal as I was before. 

3. I’ll do some more rants because I got a few people on twitter who PMed me saying they want some more rants.

4. I don’t know what else I’ll fucking do, i’m a college student who has no life so I’ll figure something out.

5 (Really) Annoying Things That People Ask/Say to College Students

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Also known as, “5 annoying things people shouldn’t ask/say to college students, but do anyways”.


So, without further ado, here are five really annoying things that most college students have to hear from members of the general population:

1. What’s your major?


This one is actually harmless enough. They’re curious. People get curious. They want to know what we’re into and where we’re headed. And, I guess I can understand that.

However, when we are literally asked this like 234567898765 times a day, we tend to go crazy and want to punch everyone and their mama in the face.

I think a simple “how’s school going?” should suffice just fine.

2. That’s your major? Can you get a job with that?/What kind of job can you get with that degree?

First of all, f*ck you.

Second of all, f*ck you.

Now, that that’s out of my system, you…

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Having a Job and Going to School.

It’s already stressful enough when you’re in college and you have your classes separated onto different days of the week, what’s worse is having a job on top of that. You have a tuition to pay dammit, you need money.

1. Try to find an on-campus job:

Finding an on-campus job is amazing because they’re willing to work around your schedule; you (typically) have the choice to have to money go straight to your tuition so it will be paid little by little, or you can get the money by check and split it in half: 50% tuition and 50% expenses or to buy yourself something nice.

(Oh my fucking god the clothes these people wear, it’s like they’re going to a fucking nightclub. [if you can’t tell I’m in one of the buildings at school writing this])

2. Find a job off-campus and see if they’re willing to work around your schedule:

Most stores are willing to work around schedules because the kids in the summer who were in High School are going back so they’re willing to take most people in for morning/afternoon hours. If not just try to pick 2-3 solid days where you don’t have school and ask for those, they’re most likely going to hire you especially if they definitely need workers. If not, then resort to number 3.

3. If all fails do what you do best.

Yes, we’ve all done it, it’s one of those things that we’ve been doing for years and we probably won’t stop…. and by that I mean babysitting dammit, what were you thinking? 

I’m pretty sure everyone has babysat once, it’s easy and you can get maybe 20-40 bucks out of it. Hey, every penny counts.

50 People On “My Best College Life Hack”

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Within your major ask every single one of your professors if they need help with their research. Now you have a shit ton of things you can put under job experience.



if you have to print something on campus, just go ahead and plan for every possible thing to go wrong.



Our air conditioning in our dorm would only go so low, so it was always hot in our room. We took a washrag and ran it under hot water, then laid it on top of the thermostat. Instant cool.



Find a professor that you like, and keep in touch with them often. Go to their office hours with questions, e-mail them, and keep them in the loop in regards to your academic career. When you are applying for grad school, medical school, etc. you will need at least one letter of…

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My First Day of College

So my first day of College was pretty chill, I found out that my good friend Grace has classes Tuesdays and Thursdays also but her classes end at 12 and mine start at 3 so we decided to meet up today. We just went to the C building -Mind you our buildings only have one letter- and got coffee. (Which was AMAZING) I saw a few people from my High School but no big deal, they thought they were cool cause of their social status in High School, honestly, no one gives a fuck so no one paid attention to them.

After Grace left at 2 I went to the D building and did a bit of my SOC homework online, then I went to the A building where my math class was.

It took me for fucking ever to find that damn class cause building G and L are connected and I would go to far and go up the stairs and end up in the L building and then I went up another pair of stairs and ended up in the fucking G building, so you would say I got a lot of exercise.

Once I finally found the class everyone was staring at me. (I was on time, they were early) So I sat in the back which was a bad fucking choice because I forgot my glasses and I couldn’t see shit.

That was basically it, nothing major, I just hope that I will make friends soon cause it was so quiet in that class.

Story of my life.

How to: online classes

Online classes can be tough, especially if you have on campus classes, too. The secret is time management.

Usually, online professors give you 2-3 days to small assignments and 7-10 days for projects or papers. But when you have a few other online classes it can be a pain in the ass. So I basically just do assignments a day they’re supposed to be assigned -online classes give you a syllabus and all of your assignments and due dates will be on there- I even did my com 101 assignment a day before it was assigned and class starts tomorrow. You just really have to be on top of things.

If you have assignments that are papers or projects pick two days that you can take the whole day and work on, or you can do one day, I don’t know your life. Don’t make your assignment sloppy though, some professors don’t let you rewrite any assignments so you just have to try your best with the time you have.

Or you can go on campus early or stay late, lets say you have a class at 3 you can go at 1, have a bit of coffee, do an assignment, then go to class. Or you can go to your class then stay an hour or two later.

Be patient and don’t give up, there are a ton of strategies to work with.

What to Wear the First Day of College

First day of college can be nerve wrecking and you might want to get all dressed up for your first day of school. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: no one dresses up all fancy they usually wear sweatpants and pyjama pants.

You don’t have to follow what I say you can dress however you want.

But even wearing jeans is considered ‘dressing nice’ but I wear a ton on leggings and jeggings with either a plain T shirt or one with a print unless its cold out than its cute sweaters galore. I use the rule ‘dress like you’re going to an interview’ but you don’t have to do the same, dress with what you’re comfortable with.

When It comes to shoes I just wear sandals, flats or if its cold ankle boots.

Now if you live on campus I would suggest rain boots because if you have to walk all the way across campus while its raining, they say goodbye to your cute shoes cause they’ll get soaked.