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THE TRAILER HAS DROPPED: BBC One’s New Trailer – ‘Sherlock’, ‘Musketeers’, & More

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Rejoice, fans of BBC!

Even though they’ve been mostly secretive about what footage/promo material they release, BBC released a promo trailer for their whole line-up of upcoming shows—with shows like Sherlock, Musketeers and etc included:

Previously, all most of us had seen a 30-second trailer of Sherlock, even as dedicated Sherlock fans eagerly awaited season 3. Although, it makes a little sense. According to a tweet from writer Mark Gattis, filming for Sherlock’s third season just recently wrapped up and the first new episode is expected to debut this fall.

Either way, Sherlock definitely has some explaining to do if he wants to get back in John’s good graces after that fake death stunt.

Here’s the tweet in question from writer Mark Gattis:

However, as…

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