5 (Really) Annoying Things That People Ask/Say to College Students

Sublime Zoo

Also known as, “5 annoying things people shouldn’t ask/say to college students, but do anyways”.


So, without further ado, here are five really annoying things that most college students have to hear from members of the general population:

1. What’s your major?


This one is actually harmless enough. They’re curious. People get curious. They want to know what we’re into and where we’re headed. And, I guess I can understand that.

However, when we are literally asked this like 234567898765 times a day, we tend to go crazy and want to punch everyone and their mama in the face.

I think a simple “how’s school going?” should suffice just fine.

2. That’s your major? Can you get a job with that?/What kind of job can you get with that degree?

First of all, f*ck you.

Second of all, f*ck you.

Now, that that’s out of my system, you…

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