How to: online classes

Online classes can be tough, especially if you have on campus classes, too. The secret is time management.

Usually, online professors give you 2-3 days to small assignments and 7-10 days for projects or papers. But when you have a few other online classes it can be a pain in the ass. So I basically just do assignments a day they’re supposed to be assigned -online classes give you a syllabus and all of your assignments and due dates will be on there- I even did my com 101 assignment a day before it was assigned and class starts tomorrow. You just really have to be on top of things.

If you have assignments that are papers or projects pick two days that you can take the whole day and work on, or you can do one day, I don’t know your life. Don’t make your assignment sloppy though, some professors don’t let you rewrite any assignments so you just have to try your best with the time you have.

Or you can go on campus early or stay late, lets say you have a class at 3 you can go at 1, have a bit of coffee, do an assignment, then go to class. Or you can go to your class then stay an hour or two later.

Be patient and don’t give up, there are a ton of strategies to work with.


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