What to Wear the First Day of College

First day of college can be nerve wrecking and you might want to get all dressed up for your first day of school. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: no one dresses up all fancy they usually wear sweatpants and pyjama pants.

You don’t have to follow what I say you can dress however you want.

But even wearing jeans is considered ‘dressing nice’ but I wear a ton on leggings and jeggings with either a plain T shirt or one with a print unless its cold out than its cute sweaters galore. I use the rule ‘dress like you’re going to an interview’ but you don’t have to do the same, dress with what you’re comfortable with.

When It comes to shoes I just wear sandals, flats or if its cold ankle boots.

Now if you live on campus I would suggest rain boots because if you have to walk all the way across campus while its raining, they say goodbye to your cute shoes cause they’ll get soaked.


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